Skill Badges

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Earn Your Badges!
YoungStars is proud to announce the introduction of our new Skill Badge awared system

All Badges are free!
They are awarded on the last week of each course. There are 10 skill Badges to collect Coaches' Star of the Week. Awards are given out weekly and there are four to collect.

Skill badges

Why football Badges work

The YoungStars Skill Badge System is based on the proven psychological theory of positive reinforcement.

A game of football is about much more than winning. It's about taking part, being a team player, getting some exercise, making friends, improving co-ordination and learning self-discipline......but don't tell the kids!

YoungStars focus on making football enjoyable. Winning is just the icing on the cake. We use a proven system called Positive Reinforcement with our new football Badges. Children really do want to be good and they can earn a Badge for learning a new skill. Positive Reinforcement rewards a child for doing what you want them to do and being able to repeat it. They get praise, attention and a Badge that confirms their ability, so they'll be keen to do more and earn more Badges.

Children can put their Badges on their football strip and sport them at their weekly YoungStars Football Academy - as well as show them to family and friends at home. Each Badge is proof they have learned and made progress, something they can be proud of and keep for ever. They might not be the next Cristiano Ronaldo but with YoungStars they will learn about good sportsmanship and fair play.